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Kludi Logo 35mm Replacement Mixer Cartridge


Kludi Logo 35mm Replacement Mixer Cartridge


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The Kludi Logo replacement cartridge is a 35mm cartridge to suit the Kludi Logo tapware range for basin mixers, shower mixers and shower divert wall mixers. The easiest way to identify if you need the 35mm version is by looking at the top of your cartridge as it shows itself after removing the handle. If the handle slides onto a plastic bit that is translucent in colour as pictured from the top view photo then you have a 35mm cartridge. This is because, the larger 46mm cartridge has a metal pin that the handle slides onto and so means you would have the larger cartridge. The sleeve is also a suggested spare part if when trying to get the handle off you have had to use a lot of force and damaged this component.

A common shower mixer this cartridge replaces is in the related pictures if you are unsure simply email photos of what you have to


Currently Out of Stock and Due into stock July 27th.



Product Code: 75605
Dimension: 100mm x 80mm x 60mm

WELS registration number:75605