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Vola 2201 Wall Shower Mixer

Vola 2201 Wall Shower Mixer

Designed by Arne Jacobsen in the mid 1960 ‘s this timeless design withstands the evolving design market. Jacobsen imagined a design where all the mechanical parts of the mixer are hidden leaving only the handles and spout seen by the user. At the time this was a completely new concept, but Jacobsen realized that this idea combined with his functionalistic approach to design could be developed. With that basic principle in mind, the simple and concise VOLA design we know today was conceived.

The Vola 2201 is available as a shower or bath mixer and can be applied to any product. It is designed by Arne Jacobsen and made in Denmarl

Available in Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome, Stainless Steel, Natural Brass, Copper and Colours.

It also available with M & L levers

We have this 2201 on display in natural brass, stainless steel and polished chrome


Model Code:2201
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