Omvivo Lune 1200 Double Bowl on Curved Vanity

Omvivo Lune 1200 Double Bowl on Curved Vanity is designed by Adele Bates and is the feature piece of the entire Lune range. Made from Solid Surface stone material, this robust but subtle texture in the bathroom is a designers dream. Curved Vanities are such a difficult product to make and Omvivo have the ability to accomplish both a designer orientated product that offers a real sense of practicality. Its specification is at the heart of its designed offering space between each basin, a generous 1200mm width to ensure both bowls are big enough whilst keeping the depth compact at 400mm. It is also very versatile as it can be a wall basin, a bench basin by itself and a complete vanity unit as shown.

Dimensions: 1200mm x 400mm x 150mm

Dimensions: 200mm from the centre of the waste to wall and edge of basin section so a 200mm spout is recommended.

Softskin: The Omvivo products are available in a two tone painted finish that can be virtually any colour available.

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Product Specifications

Brands Omvivo
Weight 25 kg
Dimensions L 1200 mm × W 400 mm × H 150 mm
Material Quartz

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