Parisi Loom 1200 LED Mirror

Parisi Loom 1200 LED Mirror

Parisi Loom 1200 LED Mirror is the perfect product to compliment the Parisi loom 1200 washbasin and vanity and combines perfectly with the tallboy as well. It has a minimal touch light on the bottom that is delicate and not over powering on the mirror.


Width (mm): 1200
Height (mm): 700
Depth (mm): 45

Mirror Cleaning Instructions

To maintain the appearance of the mirror surface, use a soft cloth, lint-free cloth or chamois leather that has been rinsed in warm water and wrung out well, and gently buff with a clean, dry cloth. Do not use glass or window cleaner or any other chemicals, as they may damage the silver coating and cause brown marks.

Browning effect is naturally caused by moisture and humidity or cleaning fluids seeping through the mirror edges. Keep humidity low by using an air vent or heat lamps and dry off the edges of the mirror with a soft cloth whenever the mirror comes into any contact with moisture.

5 Year warranty

Product Code: LM-1200M-MB
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