Verotti Fixed Over Bath Shower Screen


Verotti Fixed Over Bath Shower Screen

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Verotti Fixed Over Bath Shower Screen is made from 10mm of toughened glass and is used when you are installing a bath shower combination. The bath screen height comes standard as 1500mm high, however it can be adjusted to any height lower or higher. You have the option of either a concealed fix or bracket fix option (pictured). The concealed fix option takes away the brackets on the wall sides with a slim metal channel that offers a more discreet and clean look. The glass colour options come in both Clear and TruClear with the TruClear option offering minimal to no colour tracing in the glass.

The lead time for this product is 10-15 business days from date of check measure.

Specification information

25 Year Warranty on Chrome Fittings with other colours available on request.

Includes water seal

7 Years Warranty on Workmanship

Dimension: 1000mm x 500mm x 750mm