Victoria + Albert Vetralla 2 Freestanding Stone Bath

Victoria + Albert Vetralla 2 Freestanding Stone Bath

The Victoria + Albert Vetralla 2 Freestanding Stone Bath  is an extremely popular choice due to its size, shape and ability to be made in a matt white stone finish that is resistant to finger prints and marks. Vetralla 2 is deep and double-ended bath perfect for 2 people to bath in at the same. Quarrycast is a tough material which is warm to the touch and is backed with Victoria + Alberts 25 Year Guarantee.

We have the Matt White finish on display in our showroom and this bath works well in any bathroom. Available in seven optional external painted colour finishes.


Height . 550mm
Width . 727mm
Depth . 509mm
Length . 1650mm
Weight Empty . 64kg
Capacity . 280L

Volcanic Limestone: Volcanic Limestone™ is Victoria + Albert’s proprietary name for the very special white rock that is perfect for making bathroom products. This is formed when the elemental forces associated with liquid magma acts upon surrounding soft, chalky limestone. The immense heat and pressure from the magma transforms the neighbouring rock into a new material made up of incredibly hard strands.

Product Code: VE2-N-SW-NO
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