Kerox, Parisi, Vola

35mm STB1277K Replacement Mixer Cartridge


35mm STB1277K Replacement Mixer Cartridge suits Mixer Tapware Handles all Vola Tapware except KV1 & HV1 Basin Mixers. It also suits Brodware shower mixers, Parisi shower mixers, 35mm blue cartridge shower mixers that have the word Kerox written on them and many other brands including Astrawalker

It mainly suits high flow cartridges which would be for shower and bath mixers. The related tapware products below are common ones for this cartridge. An easy way to know which cartridge from VOLA you require is by removing the pin handle section and the metal sleeve. This will then expose the cartridge and if the end sticking out that the metal pin slides onto is plastic then this is the correct cartridge for you. If you are still unsure please email us a photo of your mixer to

See the related products below for the KV1 and HV1 replacement cartridge which is smaller.

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Brands Kerox, Parisi, Vola
Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions L 35 mm × W 35 mm × H 30 mm

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