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Bette Pond 1500 Drop In Steel Bath


Bette Pond 1500 Drop In Steel Bath


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Bette Pond 1500 Drop In Steel Bath is made from Titanium Steel in Germany and requires the most expert craftsmanship to create. Being a 1500mm diameter bath, we suggest having a multifiller which fills the bath internally from the dial on the side of the bath. You will need a bath mixer to still turn it on and can use any you like.

Warranty 30 Years (conditions apply)

B50-0015 Universal bath feet

• Integrated bath filler

• Anti-slip base

• Includes Tiling Lip

• Includes Waste Overflow Combination

• For bath filler water supply

rough-in, a mixer (or similar)

should be located close to the

bath filler. The mixed water

supply outlet feed should be

roughed-in within 450mm of

the bath filler.

• Weight: 60kg

• Volume in litres: 342L

Order options:

B6045WOB – Chrome Overflow Waste

B6045WWOB – White Overflow Waste

B6045WFB – Chrome Overflow Waste | Bath Filler

B6045WWFB – White Overflow Waste | Bath Filler

Product Code: B6045WOB
Dimension: 1800mm x 800mm x 420mm