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Shaws of Darwen

Shaws Classic 800 Single Bowl Butler Sink

Shaws of Darwen

Shaws Classic 800 Single Bowl Butler Sink


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Shaws Classic 800 Single Bowl Butler Sink is a beautiful kitchen sink that offers a large opulent sink that creates warmth through its natural ceramic white manufacturing.

Dimensions: 795 x 460 x 255mm

Lifetime warranty. Luxurious, durable, anti-bacterial glaze finish. Handmade in England by a Master Craftsmen

Installation tips: 

Any sealant used where your fireclay sink meets a bench-top needs to be flexible (like silicone), rather than rigid (like stone adhesive) to allow for any differential in expansion rates between the bench top and the sink.

When installing the waste fitting/s it is important to use some silicone sealant between the stainless steel waste flange (the part that you will see in the sink around the plug) and the glazed sink itself. This is to stop water from draining under the flange when the sink is filled. Please note that if surfaces are cleaned with a cloth dampened with Mineral Turps the silicone adheres very well. Also use the same cloth to clean up any excess silicone that squeezes out when the waste fitting is tightened. Ensure that the silicone is cleaned up BEFORE it dries.

Product Code: SCBU800WH
Dimension: 795mm x 460mm x 255mm

WELS registration number:SCBU800WH