Tece 820mm Low Level In-wall Toilet Cistern and Frame


Tece 820mm Low Level In-wall Toilet Cistern and Frame is used for below counter installation of toilets in the bathroom. It is made in Germany and is suited to wall mounted toilets only and must correspond with TECE toilet flush buttons. It can also be matched with the new plate from Gessi and the buttons can be top or front mounted.

WELS rated 4 Star (4.5/3)

 Water supply side left 1/2 female connection

 Manual flushing mechanism Front or Top push

 10 litre cistern capacity

 Cistern is completely preassembled in the factory

 200mm Height Adjustment

 Flush and Waste pipe with key seal included

 Suitable for

 In front of solid wall construction

 Under counter installation

 Installation with TECEprofile

 Cladding/sheeting must be rigid and non flexing

and directly screwed or glued to the RED frame.

Note cladding/sheeting thickness is 25mm when using a

recessed button installation frame.

We suggest any TOTO toilet purchase uses a TECE cistern as these are the recommended cistern for this use.

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Product Specifications

SKU 9.300.356
Brands TECE
Weight 15 kg
Dimensions L 1000 mm × W 700 mm × H 200 mm
WELS Rating 4 Star
Flow Rate 3.3 Litre average flush
WELS Registration L01575
Colours Black, Grey, Matt Red

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