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Does a drop-in bath have to be a rectangle?

Does a drop-in bath have to be a rectangle?

August 5, 2019
Does a drop-in bath have to be a rectangle?


We had a conversation the other other day regarding the shape of a bath and the question was put after looking through the new Bette baths brochure – is the rectangle the best shape for a bath?

After much deliberation, it made sense that baths don’t need to be rectangle. In fact, sometimes it isn’t the right shape for the bathroom size or flow. The owners bathroom for example, probably required a trapezoid shaped bath so that at the foot end of the bath, which flowed into the walk in shower area, would have more room and and an easier walking path if it wasn’t rectangle. Moreover, there is now more circular inset baths and shorter more wide drop in baths for the added bathing experience, rather then the added leg room. It was hard for us to get our head around the rectangle shape we have been selling for almost 35 years and after a few discussions we believe different shapes can actually suit different bathrooms depending on the flow you are trying to create.

The new Bette Space range gives the following benefits to its user:

  • Shape of the bathroom
  • Creates room at the foot end of the bath to maximise space in the bathroom for walking and natural flow to other areas
  • Available in special colour finishes with the same lead time
  • Steel enamel has a 30 year warranty which exceeds any other material
  • Made in Germany
  • Each size of this bath has its purpose which range from the small version that is used as a single bath tub. The medium version, which is suitable for a shower/bath type configuration and the large version, which suits two bathers in the one bath.
  • The titanium steel enamel is also very sustainable and the most environmentally friendly production on the market.

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