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Victoria and Albert

Victoria + Albert Ionian Freestanding Bath

Victoria and Albert

Victoria + Albert Ionian Freestanding Bath

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Victoria + Albert Ionian Freestanding Bath is inspired by the Ios bath but has larger proportions and a softer rim for added comfort. The Ionian is available in a number of coloured finishes which can match existing painted wall colours. The advantage of stone Quarrycast baths is that the material is warm to the touch and is an easy clean product.


Height . 614 mm

Width . 793 mm

Length . 1169 mm

Weight Empty . 82kg

Capacity . 172L

Warranty: 25 year guarantee

What is the material?

A naturally superior bath: It may sound obvious, but not all baths are created equally. At Victoria + Albert we are passionate about our unique QUARRYCAST® material. QUARRYCAST® is made from finely ground Volcanic Limestone™ mixed with resin. As the stone-rich alternative to both cast iron and acrylic, QUARRYCAST® is hand finished and cast as a single piece.

Product Code: N/A
Dimension: 1169mm x 793mm x 614mm

WELS registration number:INN-N-SW-NO