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Game changer: the rise of PVD colour finishes

Game changer: the rise of PVD colour finishes

October 5, 2018
Game changer: the rise of PVD colour finishes

With the rapid rise of coloured finishes, PVD (Physical Vapor Depositon) has become the most durable and sought after finish.

PVD involves a vacuum coating process that is more socially responsible and corrosive resistant then electroplating.This process, doesn’t need an extra clear coat like electroplating which prevents it from degrading over time and exposing the raw material that can happen with electroplating over time.
Each company involved with this process is at the cutting edge of technology and innovation. These finishes offer an exceptional feel which gives you a sense of brilliance in your hand. This feel is far superior to any other finishing material on the market.

Vola, Axor and Brodware are the 3 most prominent companies when it comes to PVD finishing.

Each have their own unique style and all 3 are on display in a number of finishes.

What makes this even more innovative is that it’s more environmentally sustainable then electroplating because there is no wastage.

The only time when you wouldn’t use PVD finishes is when you want the coloured finish to oxidise as time goes on. This is because as stated, it is corrosive resistant and will not oxidise over time and therefore stays the same finish for its lifetime.