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Geberit In-Wall Cisterns: How to Identify Geberit Spare Parts

Geberit In-Wall Cisterns: How to Identify Geberit Spare Parts

March 31, 2020
Geberit In-Wall Cisterns: How to Identify Geberit Spare Parts

Geberit is a Swiss manufacturer of in-wall cisterns and exposed cistern spare parts (the ones in ceramic concealed cisterns). Todays article will be how to identify the correct in-wall Geberit cistern and then what spare parts may be required to fix the toilet maintenance issue.

Identifying it is a Geberit Cistern

The first step is to identify that you have a Geberit Cistern. Note, Geberit doesn’t make toilets so it is important you look at the toilet push plate. Geberit usually put their name on the bottom right hand side of the push plate. Older models don’t have the geberit name labelled on it so you will need to unclip the push button to see behind the Cistern push plate and their should Geberit stickers on the back of the cistern tank.

Identifying which Geberit Cistern you have

There should be a sticker on the back which is boxed in red. This sticker identifies the cistern which is the easiest way to know which Outlet Valve you need

Geberit have a very clear and clever system when identifying which cistern you have. On the back of the cistern carcass (once the plate is removed), there will be a sticker with a 9 digit number that looks like this 109.79X.00.1. Now yours may be a different number and the 6th digit can always be different so disregard that number. Once you have that sticker, it then tells you exactly which cistern you have which will then tell you what spare parts you can by. Next we will go through each cistern and then direct you to the spare parts.

Sigma 75 Pneumatic or Mechanical

Sticker Code: 109.75X.00.1 or 111.75X.00.1 – remember the X can be a variety of numbers but this is not important. what is important is that the other numbers match up. Below is a diagram of the cistern that relates to the above sticker.

The trick with the sigma 75 cistern is that you need to identify whether you are dealing with a pneumatic or mechanical cistern. The easiest way to tell if you have a pneumatic cistern is that you will notice product 6 attached to product 5 in the above picture and some hoses somewhere. Product 6 and 5 are usually replaced if water continues to run into the toilet pan after flushing. alternatively, you may just need to replace product 5.3 which is a rubber washer that can wear over time and stop sealing.

If you here a hissing sound when flushing, it is most likely to be the Inlet valve which is product number 4. Alternatively you can try product number 4.1 which clips onto the valve and may keep your inlet valve alive for a little bit longer before replacing the whole thing. It is also recommended that flexi hoses for cisterns should be replaced every 5 years. This prevents any large scale water damage if this does burst whilst not at home.

Sigma8 Concealed Cistern

Sticker Code: 109.79X.00.1

The sigma 8 sticker code is very similar to the above for products except that it is only a mechanical cistern (no clear hoses anywhere) and the flexible hose is different for purchases after 2016.

Kappa Under Counter – Low Level Cistern

Sticker code: 110.20X.00.1 & 224.638.00.1

The Kappa cisterns are much smaller in height and you should suspect it is a Kappa if you lift up the toilet seat and the seat covers part of the push button. Similar to the Sigma 75, the same concepts apply when replacing the products so we will put the correct products below

Geberit UP170 Electronic Cistern

Sticker codes: 110.70X.00.1 & 224.383.00.1

The Up170 cistern from Geberit is an electronic cistern so there should be so obvious signs as this requires some form of battery/power. The two most common parts that are replaced are the inlet valve and the outlet valve. For plumbers, the part 28 and part 29 are also commonly replaced when there are issues with the flushing operation

What if my cistern has a different label?

There are cisterns which have different stickers on the back, these are less common and would require photos sent through to us via email at or via mobile on 0459024542

Other labels:

111.69X.00.1, 111.26X.00.1, 111.368.00.1, 111.363.00.1 and 131.00X.XX.1

If you are still having problems, please email or call our friendly staff on (02) 95504628 to discuss your cistern