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How to identify which Parisi Nahm toilet seat you have

How to identify which Parisi Nahm toilet seat you have

April 8, 2020
How to identify which Parisi Nahm toilet seat you have

Nahm is the toilet seat manufacturer for a range of different Parisi toilet suites. This can be confusing for some people but if you have the word Nahm written on the under side of your toilet seat then you can be very confident that you have a Parisi toilet suite. Below we will talk about how to identify which Parisi toilet you have so you can order the right toilet seat as they are all different. One thing to remember is that the hinges are now different so your older hinges that were probably really hard to get off are now discontinued. A picture below is provided to show you what your hinges probably look like currently. Note you may have newer model hinges that are vertical pins rather then this. The seat will still fit.

The Parisi Hinges

Parisi Envy MKII Toilet Identification

This is the most popular toilet range that require a Parisi Nahm toilet seat. The Envy range is identifiable by its unique toilet seat shape. The shape comes in towards the middle as it goes back to pan instead of going straight back in a D shape model. I have provided pictures below of the toilet range. You may also believe you have a mirage toilet suite, this is the replacement seat for your Mirage as well as we provide longer screws for this purpose.

Parisi Sorrento Toilet Suite Identification

The Sorrento toilet suite can sometimes be mistaken for the Envy toilet suite because it is so similar. The Sorrento toilet suit though, goes directly back towards the pan in a D shape. The cistern is also measured at 440mm high so if you height is different, then you don’t have a Sorrento toilet suite. The hinges are the same as all other Nahm toilet seats.

Note the straight edges and how the seat goes directly back towards the cistern and wall

Parisi Quasar Toilet Suite Identification

Parisi Quasar toilet suite ranges are more squared at the front of the toilets. They can come as Wall Faced and Wall Hung which means either way you won’t see the cistern as the cistern should be inside the wall for these toilets. However, all of these Quasar toilet have the same seat. I have provided pictures below of the Quasar and how the front of the seat is more squared with rounded edges rather then elongated or D shaped.

Parisi Ellisse Toilet Suite Identification

Parisi Deco Toilet Suite Identification

The Deco toilet suite and wall faced toilet from Parisi was a very unique shape with the bottom section near the floor giving it away. Hence if your toilet seat has the word Nahm on it and your toilet looks this then you can be safe in ordering the below seat.

What if my toilet is a Parisi but doesnt look like these?

This is a common question and can be answered easily. If you have a slim seat and it has the name Parisi somewhere on the toilet, the below slim seat is the replacement toilet seat and has become popular. Its hinges look different but they will come with the new seat like all replacement toilet seats from Parisi.