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Toto Australia

Toto Australia Basic + Washlet BTW Toilet with Remote Control

Toto Australia

Toto Australia Basic + Washlet BTW Toilet with Remote Control

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Toto’s Basic + Back to Wall toilet suite is a popular washlet bidet toilet suite made in Japan. It offers the best parts of the washlet seat combined with the most aesthetically pleasing back to wall toilet from TOTO. The Washlet Seat with remote control that is pictured in the same image is the most luxurious seat offered for the Basic + Toilet Suite


Basic+ Rimless Toilet with Cefiontect prevents debris clinging on toilet surface by creating a smoother glazed ceramic then other toilets. CeFiONtect combines with this system to create an extra strong glaze.

Tornado Flushing for powerful flushing effect with less amount of water (4.5L/3L) that removes all product from the toilet. This directional flow is unique to TOTO toilets and is the best way to flush ensuring the bowl is left clean

ewater+ spreads out and keeps clean toilet bowl and nozzle by preventing bacteria with sanitizing effect which operates automatically after each flush or if not used for 8 hours. The eWater is an antibacterial water that is harmless to the environment and skin but ensures a cleaner wand nozzle and toilet bowl.

Bidet shower seat with self cleaning Washlet unit (TCF4732AT#NW1)

Adjustable rear and front washes

Adjustable warm air dryer which begins after the final wand oscillation has been complete

Oscillating comfort wash for those with more sensitivity

Soft closing seat and cover. Click here to see the difference between the seats: https://sydneybathroomware.com.au/toto-toilets-what-is-the-difference-between-the-washlet-seats/

Heated seat with temperature control. This has been tightly tested to ensure it doesn’t feel like the warmth of someone who has just sat on it prior to you.

Easily removed toilet washlet seat for cleaning of underneath where the hinges area is.

Product Code: C761EA1 + S760DEA + THX918 + TCF4732AT
Dimension: 800mm x 600mm x 500mm