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TOTO Ecowasher Bidet Toilet Seat

Toto Australia

TOTO Ecowasher Bidet Toilet Seat

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TOTO Ecowasher Bidet Toilet Seat is a non-electric bidet seat made in Japan. It has both front and rear bidet washing nozzles and the seat if soft closing. It is easily remove allowing a more hygienic and clean base behind where the hinges are situated.

The 3 main advantages of an Ecowasher Seat are:

  1. It does not require electricity to operate the spray nozzle function
  2. The spray nozzle function is solely operated by water pressure
  3. It has one main function which is a more minimal approach for those who prefer simplicity

This seat can be retrofitted onto a current toilet that is not TOTO and as most people don’t have electricity readily available next to their toilet, it is has become a very popular option.

Dimensions: 380W x 509D x 105H mm

Product Code: TCW1211AT#NW1
Dimension: 700mm x 500mm x 200mm x 509mm