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Identifying Kludi Tapware and Shower Spare Parts

Identifying Kludi Tapware and Shower Spare Parts

April 7, 2020
Identifying Kludi Tapware and Shower Spare Parts

Kludi is a German manufacturer of shower mixers, basin mixers and showers that was very popular in Australia. Sydney Tap & Bathroomware are the only supplier of Kludi spare parts online in Australia and below we help you identify the spare parts you need. The one important detail about Kludi is that it usually has its name somewhere on the handle for cover plate.

Kludi Mixer Cartridges

Kludi provide 2 cartridges that are different sizes and are usually for different products. The Kludi Logo 35mm cartridge is usually for basin mixers and smaller shower mixers. The Kludi 46mm cartridge is usually for larger shower mixers and kitchen mixers. The best way to identify your cartridge without pulling it out is by removing the handle. Once you have removed the handle you should be able to see the top of the cartridge part that your handle slides onto. If this square pin at the top is plastic/translucent looking then you require the 35mm cartridge. If you see a metal prong/square pin sticking out you then need the 46mm cartridge. Below you will see both and how from the top they would look different.

If you are choosing the 35mm Kludi cartridge, you will need to take the lock nut and mixer barrel sleeve off. Previously the lock nut which was a small domed ring and the actual cylindrical sleeve where 2 parts. They are now replaced by one complete component and the lock not which used to be brass is now a plastic replacement. Please see the below parts. Also, the kludi mixer handle suits the 35mm cartridge so it can replace any other Kludi Mixer handle that uses the 35mm cartridge.

Kludi Diverter Pin Replacements

Kludi diverter pin assemblies can have different shapes but the good news is that this one diverter assembly fits all of the Kludi Shower Mixer & Diverters. If the tip of your diverter pin has a different shape you can simply unscrew this, unscrew the knob on the replacement pin and swap it over if you’d like it to look the same again. This is a complete pin assembly so replaces the internal section of the diverter.

Kludi spare parts are always difficult for people to identify so hopefully this makes it easier for you to understand. If not, our team is always happy to help so please send through pictures via email to or send pictures to our mobile which is 0459 024 542