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Kaldewei Shower Trays: A better shower floor

Kaldewei Shower Trays: A better shower floor

November 26, 2019
Kaldewei Shower Trays: A better shower floor

Steel enamel shower floors from Kaldewei are a German engineered and designed bathroom product. Shower Floors are a fantastic product that is the number 1 shower floor choice among Europeans. Shower Trays have also become a design feature with their smooth surfaces that can created in different colours to either offset tiles or match floor tile colouring. Shower floors are a must have item for those prioritising hygiene, design and longevity. One of the partners in the business has a shower tray and he absolutely loves it.

The 5 advantages of a shower floor over a tiled shower floor:

  • A shower floor is a far more hygienic option then a tiled floor as there is no grout lines means grout can’t grow on on your shower floor
  • Kaldewei shower floors provide a 30 year guarantee and ensure the longevity and cleanliness that grout and floor wastes can’t match
  • Shower floors such as the SuperPlan have the fall of the water gradient inbuilt into the product which means the product is simply placed onto a level surface and less pooling occurs around the feet then with normal tiled gradient shower floors.
  • Kaldewei shower floors have a seamless design option with multiple colours available that can either match existing floor tiling or create a nice offset space in the shower
  • Kaldewei shower floors are such a clean environment as they have the easy-clean finish which makes it so easy to remove dirt and grime from the shower with a simple wipe.

The Kaldewei shower trays work perfectly with the following shower screens from Verotti