KWC Inox Pullout Spray Kitchen Mixer

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Made of Stainless Steel and with a dual spray this Inox mixer is the epitome of function and flawless design using Stainless Steel. The dual handshower has a reach of 700mm, lockable spray function, and a swivel rang of 130 degrees.

Finishes: Brushed Stainless Steel Only

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Made in Switzerland

Warranty: 15 Years

TouchProtect – anti-scald protection thanks to the “double skin” principlePull-out spray

SprayClean – easy to clean and actively prevents limescale buildupup to 700 mm pull-out lengthSprayLock – lockable jet sprayPowerClean – needle spray mode, with automatic diverter resethose surface to fit faucet surface

Hose guide, swivelling 130°EasyLock – a pull-out spray that easily slides back into placeKWC cartridge L 39 – universal

with ceramic discsflow rate and temperature continuously variabletemperature and flow rate limitation

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Product Specifications

Brands KWC
Weight 5 kg
Dimensions L 235 mm × W 400 mm × H 233 mm
WELS Rating 4 star
Flow Rate 7.5lpm
WELS Registration T16054
Material Stainless Steel
Colours Brushed Stainless Steel

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    KWC Inox Kitchen Mixer


    KWC Inox Kitchen Mixer

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