KWC Zoe Pull-Out Touch Light Pro Kitchen Mixer


KWC Zoe Pull-Out Touch Light Pro Kitchen Mixer is a smart technology kitchen tap that operates by gentle touch and is programmed to your personal needs. Each touch on the side of the tap will change the taps temperature which will also be reflected in a change of colour. This ensure a safe, easily controlled kitchen mixer that is perfect for children. By not have a lever, you can touch the kitchen mixer with all parts of your arm which is very handy when you have things on your hands including flour, grease, oil and dirt. The KWC Zoe has a design spray pull out which is discretely positioned in a recessed fashion to ensure the pull out function does not deter from the overall look. The EasyLock from KWC has special pins which means the tap always retracts back to its original position and doesn’t spin once returned. The tap has LEDshine on the bottom of the tap handpiece which makes it easier to work in dark spaces and also makes sure you see even the tinniest of dirt marks on your pots and pans. The added feature of PowerClean which is an option you can switch to on the tap allows for a stronger wider spray when cleaning. The pull-out hose goes up to 500 mm pull-out length and the kitchen mixer automatically shuts off after a certain period in case you forget to tap!

Made in Switzerland

Stainless Steel Model Code:

Matte Black Model Code:


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Product Specifications

Brands KWC
Weight 5 kg
Dimensions L 500 mm × W 400 mm × H 100 mm
WELS Rating 5 star
Flow Rate 6LPM
WELS Registration T26837

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