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New Fingerprint-Resistant Geberit Push Plates

New Fingerprint-Resistant Geberit Push Plates

July 10, 2019
New Fingerprint-Resistant Geberit Push Plates


Geberit have released new toilet push plates from their existing ranges and now includes fingerprint-resistant buttons. This is a new frontier for bathroom technology which has further enhanced Geberit’s position at the top of cistern technology. The changes below have been set out easily so you can decide which suits your bathroom.

Sigma 30

The new Sigma 30 fingerprint-resistant toilet flush plates come in a matt white and matt black. There is an elegant chrome trim at the bottom of each actual half and full flush button which gives it an inspiring design. Matt white in particular is becoming very popular as a colour choice because not many brands can be electroplate the toilet buttons to match the coloured tapware. Furthermore, you get the added bonus of having Geberits strong warranty and service behind this new fantastic finish.

Sigma 50

The new Sigma 50 toilet push plate from Geberit has changed regarding the size of the actual toilet button itself. This has become even more sleek and will continue the modern feel. The most popular aspect of this toilet button is the white glass option which softens the look of the button.

Sigma 21

The new Sigma 21 toilet push plates from Geberit offer a range of textures including white glass, black glass, matt black and slate grey. These are very authentic metal push plates which are upgraded models from the Sigma 20 push button. These are all on display at Sydney Tap & Bathroomware.

Please note, these toilet buttons are only compatible with Geberit cisterns and suit the Sigma cisterns best.

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