Natura Copper Overhead Outdoor Shower 200mm

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The Natura Copper 200mm Outdoor Overhead Shower is for any outdoor usage and is 100% spun metal copper. It can be in the backyard, around the pool or even in the bathroom and has a lifetime warranty as this is copper metal and not plated brass like some of the cheaper models. This outdoor shower is fantastic to shower under and can be made into all sorts of different pool and house applications. it uses a standard 1/2 inch female connection and is made in Australia. There is also a 250mm size available and these are on sale now. Please note, these will change colour and darken over time as these are living copper metal.

Dimensions: 200mm wide by 70mm high.

Price listed is for the showerhead only.


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Product Specifications

Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions L 230 mm × W 200 mm × H 70 mm
WELS Rating 3 Star
Flow Rate 9L/Min
WELS Registration S11985
Material Copper
Colours Living Copper

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