Brodware Winslow Wall Shower 1.8110.30.0.01

Brodware Winslow Wall Shower 1.8110.30.0.01 is a 100mm Ball-joint shower rose that can swivel for more practical use. The gooseneck shower arm allows for a higher set out which means the shower head is at the level of the arm, not below which suits lower height ceilings.

Available in Brodware Infinium PVD and electroplated organic finishes. Must be used in combination with wall taps or wall mixers to turn it on.

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Product Specifications

SKU 1.8110.30.0.XX
Brands Brodware
Weight 5 kg
Dimensions L 235 mm × W 100 mm × H 200 mm × D 65 mm
WELS Rating 3
Flow Rate 9L/min
WELS Registration SM11069

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