How we may collect information

When you visit, Sydney Tap and Bathroomware will collect information from you if you voluntarily fill out an online form, create an account, or communicate with us via email. We also use Analytics remarketing tools such as Google analytics and Facebook exchange. These tools collect information about your IP address of the computer which has visited our website via a past visit. This means we can create display ads in the future based on your demographics and similar users to yourself this could include items such as age, gender and your interests. Using these type of tools does not allow us to collect personal information about you. This is mainly done (to our knowledge) through the use of first party cookies with third party vendors such as Google and Facebook however it is possible that the more appropriate definition is 3rd party cookies.

We honestly hope this allows us to create adds that interest you and we feel this is true as we are doing this based on the fact you have previously been to our site. Firstly if you have an issue with the ads we show feel free to send us an email to Secondly if you don't this information collected about you, there is the option to stop this information being collected 

Information usage

Sydney Tap and Bathroomware may use collected information for the following purposes: to provide services, for identification or to make contact with you regarding your enquiry or for advertising as stated above. Where you actually entrust us with personal information we WILL NOT share this information with a third party we only collect anomous third party information through tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook Exchange as stated above

We reserve the right to alter this policy at any time. If you have any questions regarding our policy, please contact us.

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