Zucchetti Replacement Cartridge R98103


Zucchetti Replacement Cartridge R98103 is the replacement cartridge for all wall Mixers in the Zucchetti Tapware range with the exception of the Pan & IsyStik ranges. Zucchetti mixers always have the Zucchetti sign somewhere on the back plate or on the handle of the mixer. It can also be underneath the handle on the dome of the product. This product is usually purchased when the product is beginning to leak when it is shut off or when the handle is half open. You may also require the thermal barrier from Zucchetti which is the insert that screws onto the top of this mixer cartridge

If you are unsure which one you have, please email a photo to sales@sydneybathroomware.com.au

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Product Specifications

SKU R98103
Brands Zucchetti
Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions L 100 mm × W 80 mm × H 60 mm

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