Geberit Sigma 75 Cistern Outlet Valve


Geberit Sigma 75 Cistern Outlet Valve complete comes with all of the components to fix a malfunctioning flushing mechanism or when water is continuing to run into the pan even after the Geberit washer has been replaced.

The easiest way to tell if this is the right cistern outlet valve from Geberit is if there is a sticker on the back of cistern carcass that is behind the push plate and the number has 109.75X.00.1

The X may have a variety of different numbers to replace it but this doesn’t matter. as long as the other numbers are correct, you have the right product. You may also need to buy the pneumatic lifter if this is clipped onto your outlet valve. This is commonly replaced if the buttons are sticking or catching.

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Product Specifications

Brands Geberit
Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions L 300 mm × W 100 mm × H 100 mm

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