Haron DUNE Slow Close Toilet Seat


Haron DUNE Slow Close Toilet Seat is a popular D-Shaped toilet seat that is a low cost, high quality option for many toilet brands. Please read the specifications to confirm that this seat will be compatible with your toilet.

Made with a Duroplast Material (Ceramic Look and Feel), with a rounded edge D-Shape to suit most modern Toilet Suites.

Includes the ‘Easy Clean Take Off’ feature for thorough cleaning of the Cistern Bowl.

This Seat includes an Anti-Bacterial finish and Stainless Steel Hinges which may be top or bottom fixed to suit either Wall Mounted or Close

Coupled Cisterns.

Includes both Top and Bottom Hinge Fixing Kits (Part No. TSH-1800FIX)

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Product Specifications

SKU TS-2100
Dimensions L 464 mm × W 359 mm

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