Bette Space L 1700 Drop in Steel Bath

Bette Space L 1700 Drop in Steel Bath is a trapezoid shaped bath made in Germany. Its modular trapezoid shape has a generous lying area, and tapers towards the foot end. This makes the optimum use of the available space in each bathroom, particular rectangular shaped bathroom layouts or those wanting a large shower bath area.

Left or Right hand facing steel bath option available

Warranty 30 Years (conditions apply)

Options available:

• B50-0015 Universal bath feet

• Integrated bath filler

• Includes Waste Overflow Combination

• For bath filler water supply

rough-in, a mixer (or similar)

should be located close to the

bath filler. The mixed water

supply outlet feed should be

roughed-in within 450mm of

the bath filler.

• Weight: 70kg

• Capacity: 262 L

More Information

Product Specifications

Brands Bette
Weight 25 kg
Dimensions L 1800 mm × W 800 mm × H 420 mm
Size in Litres 262 L
Material Steel Enamel
Colours White

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