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Kaldewei Dynaset Built In Shower Bath

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Kaldewei Dynaset Built In Shower Bath


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Kaldewei Dynaset Built In Shower Bath is a steel enamel bath that is specifically designed for showering as one end is more rounded at the end for standing. Designed & produced in Germany, these are 3.5mm pressed steel enamel that has an amazing 30year guarantee.

The Dynaset has a deep wide cut out at the front where the person stands. This ensures that when you stand in the bath you can have your feet far enough apart to balance properly. Some baths which aren’t suitable tend to be narrow where you actually stand on the bottom. This shower bath doesn’t sacrifice lying comfort though with a beautiful sloped far end for lying down which means the bath becomes a very comfortable practical and diverse addition.


1500 x 750 x 430mm

1700 x 750 x 485mm

1800 x 800 x 430

Product Code: 01-620-06
Dimension: 1700mm x 900mm x 600mm