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Kaldewei Conoflat Steel Enamel Shower Tray

Kaldewei Conoflat Steel Enamel Shower Tray is a steel enamel product designed and made in Germany. The Conoflat is particularly streamline and has the waste centered for those who wish for the waste to be in the middle over a corner. Shower Trays are far better then tiling because you don’t have grout lines which create mould over time. Also, the natural drainage of a shower tray is perfect and reduce the pooling effect created by tiled surfaces. One of the partners in this business has a SuperPlan shower tray from Kaldewei and absolutely loves it. It also a fantastic product to clean and doesn’t require cleaning products, just a simple wipe down and it glistens again

3.5mm Kaldewei Steel Enamel

Made in Germany


Available sizes:

01-783-1K 90×90

01-781-1K 80×100

01-784-1K 90×100

01-786-1K 100×100

01-790-1K 120×120

01-795-1K 90×140


01-4093 Special Waste Fitting KA120*

with enamelled waste cover

(*not AUS approved)

More Information

Product Specifications

Brands Kaldewei Baths
Weight 15 kg
Dimensions L 1100 mm × W 1100 mm × H 50 mm
Material Steel Enamel
Colours Black, Grey, White

Refund and Returns Policy

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