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To Pull Out or Not to Pull Out. That is the Kitchen Mixer Question

To Pull Out or Not to Pull Out. That is the Kitchen Mixer Question

October 5, 2018
To Pull Out or Not to Pull Out. That is the Kitchen Mixer Question

The Pull-out spray kitchen mixer is fast becoming a popular commodity for Kitchen renovations. Yet most people still don’t understand what a Pull-out spray mixer has to offer and why we believe its worth the extra investment. A pull-out spray kitchen mixer is a retractable hose tap that allows the increased length & manouverability that a conventional fixed tap cannot offer. Some also have options such as a ‘veggie spray’ which is a button attached to the retractable hose tap that changes the spray to a softer wider flow for washing vegetables & cleaning out pots & pans. Here are some of the clear advantages of having a pull-out spray mixer.

1. If you have a Large sink or even a double bowl like ourselves, having the increased length & manouverability to easily move between both of the sinks & get into difficult places makes this an incredibly efficient & easy way of cleaning & filling up Pots, Pans & Sinks.

2. This also makes cleaning the sinks very easy as you no longer have to cup your hand & splash water all over the place!

3. Having them in a laundry is also very valuable which was an added bonus we weren’t expecting!. Our mother found that when having 2 sinks it made it easier to move it around & handwash the clothes very easily.

4. We also found it incredibly easy to wash our dog. This is a hard task considering our dog is nearly to big for the tub. So having a pull-out spray to wash all the soap off has made it far easier & most importantly far quicker!


A few things to take into account before buying:

Because of the added functions & mechanisms we only suggest quality brands such as KWC, Hansgrohe, Abey, Hansa & Grohe. They are more expensive however in the long run we believe this investment will make life much easier & give you more options than a fixed tap. Not all have a Veggie spray option and this usually adds to the cost but our mother swears by them!. If your interested in the different styles than please click on the link below to see the options.