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Friatec Front Press Push Plate


Friatec Front Press Push Plate in White is the only option now available for the this push plate, it comes complete with all of the internal components for the button including the outlet valve complete.

The Friatec Toilet Push Plate had previously also come as a sliver finished plate that looked different. This is also now replaced by the main picture button which is white. Please make sure though that yours is on the wall and front press not on the top which is a related product.

The code of the original push plate, which is replaced by this button, on the back side is: Art.No .: 33 10 01

The following code is given in the tank that has the damaged push plate: Art.-Nr .: 32 10 00

In addition to the F102 button in the modern rectangular design, it also includes a new flush valve and a transparent plate that replaces the problematic pull mechanism.

Wit any concerns please email pictures to and we will identify it for you

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SKU 331001L
Brands Argent Australia
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions L 120 mm × W 120 mm × H 400 mm

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