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Verotti Custom Insert Flush Plate


Verotti Custom Insert Flush Plate


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Verotti Custom Insert Flush Plate is a new version which allows you to insert a tile, piece of marble or other material behind the buttons so that you only see the small chrome trim and the actual buttons. This means it creates a more seamless look on the wall to match your existing wall material.

Features: Soft-touch Pneumatic, combines as access plate for servicing of Verotti cistern

Notes: * 10mm maximum Custom Insert * Push plate and cistern must be supplied together to plumber to allow for accurate rough in

There is square or round button options available for this with the following code:

VI.030CP Round Button Chrome
VI.030SC Round Button Satin Chrome
VI.040CP Square Button Chrome
VI.040SC Satin Button Chrome

Product Code: VI.030CP
Dimension: 215mm x 145mm x 10mm