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TOTO Neorest XH II Washlet Toilet

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TOTO Neorest XH II Washlet Toilet


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TOTO Neorest XH II Washlet Bidet Toilet is the newest addition to the Japanese made TOTO toilet brand. The Neorest XH II is a more stylish upgrade to the Neorest AH with an elegant luxurious shaped seat with unique ceramic bowl shape. The Neorest XH II is the only option available with a golden remote wand and gold toilet seat hinges. This toilet does not require a cistern in the wall or a toilet flush button on the wall as all of these components are within the toilet itself.

Neorest XH II features include:

It offers the amazing tornado flush technology and uses a silver seperate remote control to operate the washlet seat.

Ewater+technology which is a type of antibacterial water that sanitizes the bidet wand and the toilet bowl each time. This is sprayed automatically every 8 hours after the last use. The wand is cleaned internally and externally by Ewater+

Revolutionary technology, ACTILIGHT, keeps the toilet clean on its own, ridding it both visible and invisible waste

CeFiONtect prevents debris on toilet surface by adding an extra glaze to the toilet ceramic surface to reduce grime.

The toilet seat also warms itself up prior to you sitting on the seat and you can adjust the temperature.

Auto Soft light function usable for night time usage that has been tested to ensure it is not too bright and doesn’t effect your sleep cycle.

The main difference between the Neorest XH I and the Neorest XH II is that the Neorest XH II has a golden remote wand, actilight technology and a gold trim on the toilet seat hinges.

Dimensions: 448W x 820D x 527H mm

Power Rating : AC 220 ~ 240V : 50/60Hz

Length of Power Cord : 1.2m


CW993VA Elongated Closet Bowl (S-Trap) (Rough-in 305)

TCF992WA WASHLET unit toilet seat

Dimension: 800mm x 600mm x 500mm x 820mm

WELS Rating:4
Nominal Flow Rate:6.36/3.31 (Avg 3.9L/min)
WELS registration number:L06271