Toilet Spares

What can you do to help?

Our Team here at Sydney Tap & Bathroomware has over 30 years of experience to help you with supplying the correct spare part for your toilet Suite. Spare parts can be tedious and it ‘s always good to remember that not all toilet spare parts are universal and some are unique to their own brand. For instance, when seeking out the correct toilet seat, not all toilet suites suit the one toilet seat- the hinges, its shape, if its soft close, the brand and of course its colour are all elements of toilet spare parts. However don ‘t panic, the deciphering of these elements is our job, the only thing you or your plumber need to do is take a few simple clear pictures of the following:

1. The toilet itself

2. The toilet seat

3. The toilet seat hinges

4. Any identifiable logos or brand names on either the toilet or the seat

What do we supply?

Sometimes we have the item in stock especially the toilet seats, Cistern parts i.e the inlet and outlet valves and the Button assemblies, otherwise we have to order it in. We aim to please and have even flown parts in from Germany to help fix a clients problem.

We try and stock what we can but we can ‘t have everything. Major brands such as Friatec, Geberit, Valsir, Tece, Caroma and Villeroy & Boch, Caroma, Fowler, Grohe Dal, Duravit have certain parts on the shelf, but its always advised to check.

We try not to sell brands we can ‘t get parts for as we know how much you want your perfect bathroom to stay the same. Sometimes however suppliers stop ranges and when that happens there isn ‘t alot we can do but always try us before you give up.

How can you send the photo to us?

There are 3 options when sending your photos to our staff:

1. The first option is that you can attach it via an email and send it to our friendly staff at

2. Taken it on your phone and don ‘t have email linked? Thats ok upload it via our facebook page or google and display it on our wall. From there we will reply.

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