Toto Neorest AH Bidet Wall Faced Toilet

Toto Neorest AH Bidet Wall Faced Toilet

The Neorest AH by Toto is very popular because it has an inbuilt cistern within the actual product which means maintenance can be done without having to get into the wall cavity. Made in Japan, TOTO is the ultimate bidet experience that does not require the cistern to be in the wall!

Tornado flushing for powerful flushing effect with less amount of water which removes all waste efficiently every time
Reduced flushing sound
Full function front & rear warm water bidet cleaning that has better technology
Ewater+ automatically spreads out and keeps clean toilet bowl and nozzle by preventing bacteria with sanitizing effect
CeFiONtect prevents debris on toilet surface
Fully equipped with comfortable rear, front, and oscillating cleansing functions
Auto soft light function usable for night time usage
Auto flush
Fully adjustable temperature controls and dual user settings
Water connections recessed behind access panel
Remote control operated*
Auto lid opening and closing function

It is a very hygienic toileting option that is made in Japan.

It can come as both a P and S Trap.

$8,800.00 $7,700.00

Product Code: CS985VC TCF9786WAT
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