Valsir Square Remote Half Flush Button


Valsir Square Remote Half Flush Button is available and suits the direct replacement as an individual button for those on Valsir plates and when remotely as buttons individually.

It comes with the white or blue cylindrical unit behind each individual button but not the hoses

If you are unsure the below related product is bought in conjunction with the buttons.

Available in: Chrome

The related products are also purchased when the buttons aren’t flushing correctly, particularly the pneumatic mechanism. A common way to assess if the buttons are broken is if you blow into the hoses without the buttons attached and it flushes, it usually means the buttons are at fault.

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Product Specifications

SKU VS0875446
Brands Valsir
Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions L 100 mm × W 100 mm × H 100 mm

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