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Duravit Happy D.2 Wall Faced Pan


Duravit Happy D.2 Wall Faced Pan


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Duravit Happy D.2 Wall Faced Toilet Pan is designed and made in Germany. The timeless shape has soft lines which have become very popular and is available with matching basins and baths from the Duravit range.

DESIGNER: Seiger Design

Toilet dimensions: 365 x 570mm

Toilet code D4100800 includes:

215909 – floor standing toilet

006459 – Seat & Cover with SoftClose

automatic closure

131777 – Pan Connector for horizontal and vertical outlet, length adjustable

The TECE cisterns are the most suitable for the Duravit toilets and have the most attractive buttons on the market. These are Grman made cisterns which suit German made toilets.

Product Code: D4100800
Dimension: 365mm x 570mm

WELS Rating:4 Star
Nominal Flow Rate:4.6/3L (3.3 Avg) Flush
WELS registration number:LM04386