Duravit Darling New Sensowash E Wall Mounted Toilet Suite


Duravit Darling New Sensowash E Wall Mounted Toilet Suite is the most popular compatible option with the Sensowash Starck E Shower Toilet Seat.

The toilet is remote controlled which can be installed anywhere. The Starck E has the ability to adjust spray, volume and temperature settings. It has the ability to warm the seat to a comfortable setting. The toilet lid is automatically closed and opened.

Sensowash seats are the most hygenic way to cleanse yourself. We opt for a shower when we want the most cleanliness, so why shouldn ‘t we opt for this on the toilet.

Includes the following: 

2544590000 – Wall mounted toilet washdown model

610001002004300 – SensoWash Starck e shower-toilet seat with concealed connections

0050720000 – SensoWash Pre-installation kit

Durafix – for invisible fixation

Toilet Dimensions: 370 x 620mm

Please note, you still need to purchase a cistern and toilet push plate. The TECE related cistern and frames are both compatible with this toilet and are German made which Duravit recommend in Europe. There are many toilet push plate options available from TECE but you must pick a TECE push plate if you choose a TECE cistern

More Information

Product Specifications

SKU D2100500
Brands Duravit
Weight 40 kg
Dimensions L 600 mm × W 650 mm × H 400 mm
WELS Rating 4 Star
Flow Rate 4.6/3L (3.3 Avg) Flush
WELS Registration D2100500
Material Ceramic

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