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Vola RS4 Round Series Waste Bin

Vola RS4 Round Series Waste Bin

Could you imagine a waste bin ever being so appealing?. I have never heard of a bin being described as a ‘timeless accessory ‘ until Vola introduced its round series range that has truley defied the most contemporary design of waste bin appeal. Its simple elegance allows this retrofit phenomena to seamlessly pass in with the walls surrounding it & adds another texture to a bathroom renovation

Retrofit waste bin. Black or white.
Diameter incl. ring: 480 mm.
Depth: 170 mm.
Capacity 22 litre/150-250 tissues.

Ring, material: High polished chrome, natural brass, brushed chrome, brushed stainless steel or 14 different colours.
Container, wood, lacquer sealed. Surface colour White or Black.

Product Code: RS4
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