Water Conservation: A Bathrooms roles in water- saving

Water Conservation: A Bathrooms roles in water- saving

The current bushfire season combined with the level 2 water restrictions brings water conservation right back into focus. As a bathroomware and kitchen supply company, we need to continue to be a responsible supplier of water efficient products that help protect our finite water supplies. Below we discuss the ways you can save water and the tapware brands which have a clear focus on water conservation.

Save water, protect the climate

Hansgrohe EcoSmart

Tips to reduce water

Use a Bucket in the Shower

Having a bucket underneath the shower when you first turn it on whilst waiting for the water to warm up is a fantastic, simple way to use water efficiently. A whole bucket of water can easily be filled by this simple technique which can then be used to water the garden or vegetables patches.

Outlet Valve Washer Replacement

Every toilet cistern has an outlet valve with a rubber washer that seals the water into the tank. This stops the water from running continuously after flushing. A simple way to reduce water wastage is to prevent these leaks by replacing the rubber seal every 5-10 years.

Replacing Showers and Basin Mixers

Older shower and basin mixer fittings that were developed prior to water saving technology consume a lot more water then todays options. Replacing an existing older handshower is one way to reduce the water consumption during showering. Water conservation doesn’t have to be boring though and Hansgrohe have worked to introduce technology that ensures the showering experience is as good as ever.

Sensor Tapware

Axor Uno Electronic Sensor Basin Mixer

Swapping to an electronic sensor basin mixer is a simple way to ensure you aren’t leaving the tap running unnecessarily whilst shaving, washing your hands or washing your face.

Water Conservation Tapware Companies

Hansgrohe’s EcoSmart technology is based around the mantra ‘Save water, protect the climate’. Hansgrohe mixers and showers which are fitted with EcoSmart technology require up to 60% less water than conventional products. Whilst conserving water, this does not mean they have forgotten about how enjoyable a showering experience should be. Their admixture of air into the new PowderRain Handshowers ensures the best experience when showering today. It is very easy to swap over your existing handshower or overhead rose from the existing fittings you have. This means you’ll conserve more water whilst also having a fantastic showering experience.