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What’s the difference between multifillers, overflows and exafills for baths?

What’s the difference between multifillers, overflows and exafills for baths?

July 24, 2019
What’s the difference between multifillers, overflows and exafills for baths?

People are always confused about the differences between multifillers, overflow waste kits and exafill kits. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages which I will go through below. The most common confusion comes from what each actually does and how they operate in the bath.

Viega Overflow Waste for Baths

This is the most common option from bath companies Kaldewei and Bette. An overflow waste is a dial on the side of the bath that when turned, lifts the plug in the bottom of the bath up and down. This is popular because it keeps the price down when purchasing baths and is used when you are installing a spout to fill the bath up externally. Overflow wastes come in chrome and white as standard finishes and we can custom plate the dial to match your bathroom tapware if required. Viega is made in Germany and the way the two components are linked is via a cable that connects the two. The overflow dial also acts as a genuine overflow which means the bath can never overfill.

Viega Multifiller Bath Waste Kits

A multifiller option for Kaldewei and Bette baths operates the plug, however it has one added feature. A multifiller is a slightly bigger product because it also has a spout inside it which allows you to fill the bath from inside the actual bath. People will buy this product if they don’t wan’t to have the spout and mixer parts on their walls. This could be because they don’t want this effecting their tile look or that the wall doesn’t have enough wall space due to a window. A multifiller still needs either taps or a bath mixer to operate the functioning of it in the bath. These are available in white and chrome as a standard choice.

Hansgrohe Axor Exafill Bath Filler

An Exafill basic set bath filler from Axor Hansgrohe is very similar to a multifiller in its function. There are a couple of advantages to buying an Exafill over a multifiller which I will explain now. The first advantage is that an Exafill fills the bath tub a lot faster then a multifiller which means you can start enjoying your bath tub in a reasonable time. The other clear advantage is that you can match an Exafill to any of the special colour finishes that AXOR do in the PVD technology. PVD technology is a lot stronger then chrome and this means if you are trying to match it to a colour finish, it will last a lot longer. The product still needs a bath mixer or taps to operate the bath waste kit and the little lever on the top moves left and right to open and shut the bottom bath plug.

These wastes are compatible with most brands but are most commonly purchased with Kaldewei and Bette steel enamel bath tubs. For any queries regarding these products, please email us at