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What’s the Mixer?: Thermostats, Progressives and Wall Mixers

What’s the Mixer?: Thermostats, Progressives and Wall Mixers

July 9, 2019
What’s the Mixer?: Thermostats, Progressives and Wall Mixers

Shower and bath mixer technology has changed over the last 5 years with the re-introduction of thermostat and progressive shower wall mixers in the bathroom. This article aims to educate the public on the differences between the 3 styles so you can make the best decision for your application.

Thermostatic Shower Mixers

AXOR Select thermostats for the shower are a combination of engineering and technological advances in the bathroom. A thermostat’s working mechanism is different to a lever mixer because it operates via valves rather then through a cartridge. This is a longer lasting mechanism which have lasted more then 20 years before requiring a service. The on/off select button is a mechanical circle which you push to open or close the water flow. There is no adjustment of the water flow on thermostats, they immediately run at full flow. This makes sense because nobody has a half volume shower or bath. Apart from selecting on/off, they are also able to run simultaneously with adequate water flow to both outlets. This is the preferred way of operating two shower outlets at the same time. AXOR have designed there thermostat plates to now hold the handshower as well. This creates a seamless front which was created by Phoenix design. The other dial operates the temperature adjustment. For AXOR and Hansgrohe shower thermostats, there is a safe lock button which is suitable for preventing young children from making the temperature too high. For adults this is easily unlocked by simply holding down the lock button so you can move past 40 degrees. The other advantage of a valve mechanism rather then a cartridge, is valves have the ability to allow more water volume flow through compared to a cartridge and this increases the shower pressure. The AXOR one is the only designed that works slightly differently in that you press paddles rather then circular buttons. This was inspired by Formula One driving. Each mixer from AXOR can be personalised by adding FinishPlus colours. More people are moving towards thermotats due to their longevity, increased flow rate and technological advancements. To view there thermostats, click here:

Progressive Shower Mixers

Progressive shower and bath mixers are an older technology which has become popular again. This also operates via a valve mechanism but works in a different way. as you turn it to the right, the water is at full flow from the start so you can’t adjust the water flow. As you turn the turn further to the right, the temperature continues to increase in temperature. This is a minimalist style, however the one disadvantage is that you can only operate 1 outlet from the progressive mixer.

Lever Shower Mixers

Lever operated shower and bath mixers are the most traditional style of technology which allows you to adjust both the temperature and the volume by moving the handle in different directions. This is the most cost effective approach in the short term as cartridges are cheaper to manufacture then creating valve moulds. Popular lever wall mixers include those from VOLA, AstraWalker and Brodware.