About Us

About Us

Rodney’s early days were spent with a hammer & saw in the carpentry community. In 1982 he decided to unbuckle the tool belt & began work in the Sydney Tap Centre. This humble store was a diamond in the rough & so dad through his tirelessly ambitious & determined nature began to reinvent the Tap Centre.

As our reputation grew, our father could sense the bustling creativity that bubbled beneath the social fabric of Surry Hills. To emulate & be respected amongst such a pioneering community we had to constantly adapt & evolve to satisfy the appetite of such astute architects & designers. However no matter how much the business grew he never seemed to place quite the same importance on administration (he was a 50’s baby after all).

It was here my dad dealt his greatest card in gaining the services of our mother – Vicki. Her profound knowledge of finance & meticulous personality gave the company greater strength to move forward & keep up with the growing demands of the community. With my mother now fully committed to the business it was time for my father to explore new avenues.

His 4 sons came & went as new avenues became available. We loved being a part of the business & it was always a homely environment for clients who walked through the doors. Our parents had taught us early on in life how people needed to be treated equally & that no matter how much the business evolved, your reputation as a person is of the utmost importance, both in life & in business.

Dominic (his 3rd eldest son) finished his plumbing apprenticeship & became a journeyman in 2007. However by 2008 he realised that plumbing was not for him & begun working at the Sydney Tap Centre. Dominics charismatic nature & extensive knowledge of the industry made him an instant success for the business. He has been fundamental to the business’s evolution & it is a pleasure to watch how he instantly strikes up a personalised relationship with each client & thus creates personalised bathrooms reflecting their personality.

Mitchell (his 2nd eldest son) finished his carpentry apprenticeship and became a builder in 2010. He worked on a vast range of projects and has been able to build architects and designers dream homes. Naturally, he was also very good at building bathrooms and began teaming up with Dominic to create and build stunning bathrooms. In 2016, Mitchell decided to come into the business full time and he has been an instant success within the business as many architects and designers look to him when specifying bathroomware and solving complex bathroom design problems.

Having both Dominic and Mitchell’s experience has allowed people to create their dream bathrooms stress free. You can feel safe knowing you have the combined experience of over 25 years between them in the building industry. Better yet, this is a family run business that provides what only a family can provide – care.

About Us
Better yet, this is a family run business that provides what only a family can provide – care.