AQUAS Luft 3 Bottom Inlet Twin Shower on Rail

The Luft 3 from Aquas is a twin shower on Rail that has a bottom inlet hose to make it a more streamlined product.

The overhead shower is 230mm wide

The handshower is a 100mm wide and has 3 functions

The water diverts via a push button at the bottom


LUFT 3 Twin Shower System

Integrated Bottom Inlet with Push Button Diverter

230 ABS Overhead Shower

100 3 Function Air Injected Handshower

Air Rainspray, Air Rainspray / Air Massage and Air Massage

Priced in Chrome

More Information

Product Specifications

Brands Aquas
Dimensions L 1018 mm × H 400 mm
WELS Rating 4
Flow Rate 7.5 l/min
WELS Registration S12075 (V)

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