Hydrotherm: What to know about this Australian made product

Hydrotherm: What to know about this Australian made product

Hydrotherm is an Australian-owned and operated company specialising in quality copper tube, and solid brass fittings to guarantee the very best in thermal conductivity. We sat down and had a quick chat with National Sales Manager – Simon Amore, to learn more about the process behind the Australian made heated rails.

Talk to us about the coloured finishes

As the demand for PVD finishes continues to grow, so does the challenges associated with producing PVD products. Currently, Hydrotherm can electroplate and powder coat every product in house. However, due to the size of the PVD machine chambers, they can only PVD the tube series rails. Fortunately, Hydrotherm have developed a great relationship with Sussex Tapware (also Australian made) who perform the PVD function for the 3 new colours. What some people may not know is that PVD works best when it is applied to steel, however most products are made from copper or brass. Hence, the product has to be nickel plated first, then brushed or polished depending on the request and then placed in the PVD chamber. This extra step is why PVD application is much more expensive then either powdercoat or electroplating.

The 3 new PVD finishes are:

  • PVD Brushed Rare Bronze
  • PVD Brushed Smoke Gunmetal
  • PVD Brushed Platinum Gold

What are the advantages of liquid filled over dry heated rails?

There are a few key advantages of a Hydrotherm liquid filled towel rail made from copper and brass.

  • Running costs: Hydrotherm rails are very efficient to run. This is because as the element heats, water continues to circulate, and being water, it rises which increases the speed at which the rail heats to its max temperature. Once at max temperature, the heating element switches off and because it is liquid filled and made from copper, the heat is retained for a much longer period before it is required to be switched back on to maintain heat.
  • Easy maintenance: With liquid filled heated rails, you only need to replace the element at the bottom which unwinds off at the bottom, where a dry heated rail, is wired through and must be completely replaced if the heating fails.
  • Better heat conductor: Hydrotherm heated towel rails are made from copper, which radiates heat far more efficiently and with more power compared to a dry heat, stainless steel option wired option.