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Identifying Oli Cistern spare parts

Identifying Oli Cistern spare parts

December 23, 2020
Identifying Oli Cistern spare parts

Oli cisterns are becoming very popular and are a product made in Portugal. The two main ranges in Australia are Oli 74 and Oli Expert. The Oli 74 is the normal height cistern and the Oli Expert is the cistern which is installed under a shelf, bench or window at a much lower height.

Identifying Oli 74 Cisterns

Push plates from Oli

The first thing to do is try and identify the pushplate because every pushplate that a brand makes can only be installed with its own brand cistern. Hence, once you identify the pushplate, at least you know it can only be an Oli in-wall cistern. Below is a picture of the most common buttons

Below is how the pneumatic cistern box will look once you remove the push plate

The most obvious thing will be the centre piece which has clear and blue hoses. This will tell you straight away that you have a pneumatic cistern which means it used air that travels through the tubes to activate the outlet valve and flush the toilet. The two black rubber bellows that you see in the centre (one has a clear ring, one has a blue ring) are the most common part that needs to be replaced as these swell over time and don’t rise and fall easily which is essential to smooth flushing. If the issue is that the buttons are sticking or that the outlet valve doesn’t flush properly then you need to atleast purchase the bellows kit and we recommend you buy the outlet valve also which is below.

What if my cistern is over-filling or hissing when I flush the toilet?

If you Oli 74 cistern is overflowing or hissing then you need to purchase the replacement inlet valve. Note, this may look different to your current one but Oli provide a conversion kit to suit any Oli cistern on the market. We have provided the part you need below here

What if water continues to leak into the toilet after I flush?

If this is occurring, you have 2 options which will depend on your level of expertise. The first option is to replace the outlet valve washer that bottom which essentially seals the cistern to ensure water doesn’t continue to run out of the cistern and into your bowl. If it is a slight trickle then this is your best bet. If you are unsure and want to make sure that you stop the leak then you are better off ordering the complete outlet valve as this comes with the seal and will definitely fix the issue. We have provided the two options below

A short video about replacing spare parts in Oli cisterns

What if my cistern pushplate is an Oli but the inside doesn’t look like the Oli 74?

The Oli Expert cistern is the under-counter version of the Oli in-wall cistern. This is usually installed under a bench or window and the plate is commonly top mounted rather then on the vertical wall. Hence, when you take the push plate or buttons off, you will be essentially looking from above like the photo above.

What do I choose if my cistern is continuing to leak into the pan after I flush?

If your cistern is continuing to leak after you flush it is best two order the complete outlet valve or washer by itself depending on how big the leak is. The Oli Expert is a tricky cistern so we recommend a plumber for this one. Both parts are below

What if my cistern is over-filling or hissing when I flush the toilet?

Similar to the Oli 74 situation, you use the same inlet valve as this is universal to all Oli cisterns. The correct product is below

If you have the pictured Oli Expert or Evo pneumatic transmission blocks. Please email us photos as this can become complicated and we prefer to see the photos first to ensure it can all be replaced.

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