Kaldewei Multifiller and Overflow Waste

Kaldewei Multifiller and Overflow Waste


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This Brilliant and Modern design enables the end user to fill their bath without the need for a spout. However, in simple terms, what is a multifiller?

A multifiller is a mechanism that allows you to fill the bath from the inside & means you can throw away with the old use of a bath spout or Three piece bath set.

It has a small sliding knob on top of the filler that controls the waste (similar to a plug) at the bottom to seal of the bath so it can be filled. Once you wish to let the water drain out, you simply slide the knob to the opposite side & it pops up the waste which allows water to flow out through the waste pipe. When explaining this concept to people it can be really difficult to explain let alone visualize for those trying to keep up. So we decided to make a video to clear up all the myths or rumors floating around about what a multifiller actually is!

The great thing about a multifiller is that you place your shower mixer (which controls the flow & temperature of the multifillers outlet) wherever you wish on the surroundings walls. The look is a lot cleaner & is definitely cost effective. The one thing that must be noted is that a check valve must be attached as these are not approved in Australia as a stand-alone item.

Finish: Chrome, Satin Chrome & Gold Plated