Valsir Tropea 2 Outlet Valve


Valsir Tropea 2 Outlet Valve replaces the outlet valve in the Tropea 2 Cisterns only. The easiest way to identify if this is the one for you is if the toilet seat does NOT cover the button and the cistern is relatively narrow (difficult to put the hand inside). Also, the black flexible component in the middle which can be different colours is also a sign that you have a Tropea. The outlet valve is usually replaced along with the pneuamtic mechanism when the flush does not work properly.

If you are unsure about which valsir outlet valve you need, please email photos of your cistern to

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Product Specifications

SKU VS0866801
Brands Valsir
Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions L 220 mm × W 150 mm × H 100 mm

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